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Tania Wlotzki, a seasoned yoga enthusiast with over two decades of dedicated practice, embarked on her yoga journey in pursuit of alternative healing methods. Her exploration led her to discover the transformative power of yoga, igniting a passion that eventually blossomed into a career.

In 2017, Tania earned her initial certification in Hatha Yoga, marking the beginning of her formal training. Today, she proudly holds certifications in Hatha Yoga (RYT Hatha 200), Restorative Yoga, and Hot Stone Restorative Yoga. Tania is a perpetual student in the art of relaxation, always seeking new ways to deepen her understanding and share the benefits with her students.

As an instructor, Tania specializes in curating classes that are nourishing and relaxing and prioritize the well-being of the nervous system. Her belief in the importance of self-care is evident in her teaching philosophy—she sees the act of relaxation as one of the most profound gifts we can give ourselves.

Tania infuses her classes with elements that encourage students to open their senses and explore a deeper connection with their inner selves. For her, yoga is a tool that keeps the mind and body flexible, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.
Join Tania on the mat and experience the joy of embracing relaxation as a transformative practice. Through her guidance, discover the art of flexibility in both mind and body and cultivate a more profound relationship with yourself.

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